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Our development and research is always at the forefront in the standardization of processes and formulations, in order to offer superior quality products.  POWER GOD is constantly innovating, ensuring the best in each of its developments, always seeking perfection.  Our team is highly qualified in each of its different areas in order to respond to market demands and exceed your expectations.

Our company POWER GOD was born from the dream of entrepreneurs committed to healthy food for everyone in the world and to provide the global market with a Premium range with high added value in the Sports and nutrition sector. This dream is generated based on the fact that the market of global sport and promotes the initiative of having a Premium sports brand that has the necessary characteristics to be able to satisfy the strictest quality standards in the area of ​​sports and nutritional supplements and in this way can compete with international brands.  In conclusion, we innovate with the POWER GOD brand that meets the most demanding requirements to be able to offer products that previously no brand in the SPORTS AND NUTRITION market could offer.

A mission will always be the commitment to offer and develop the healthiest products, with natural ingredients. It will be gratifying to see your body healthy and developed healthily, remember, you decide what you consume. We will always be waiting for you here. The POWER GOD PROTEIN products. (they wait for you). Find your local distributor and store.

OUR VISION. reach the last corner of the planet. Let every person, every home, every athlete, every gym, EVERY BODY. consume POWER GOD PROTEIN. THE BEST THING IS TO OFFER HEALTH TO HEALTH.

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 Our products have high production standards and are subject to processes specially designed to maintain quality and safety in each of them.  The formulas are based on scientific data that will help you achieve your sports goals, also guaranteeing your well-being and nutrition.

 We have quality analyzes and certificates of all our raw materials, as well as sensory tests of all batches produced before they are available to consumers.  All this in order to always maintain the standards of quality, flavor and effectiveness of our products that always characterize POWER GOD.

 In our laboratories we are constantly innovating processes based on scientific research and development, always considering the needs and expectations of our clients, and for this we have highly trained personnel in all process areas, as well as thorough supervision in each one. of them;  from reception, product preparation, packaging, labeling, shipping and placing at points of sale.